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GAME over…end of class Reflection October 20, 2012

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While this class seemed to fly by this past eight weeks, I think I learned a lot of valuable information that I can implement into my lessons immediately. I really enjoyed creating GAME plan types of lessons because I can actually picture my students using them and truly benefitting from the content of them.

I think above all, I have learned how to efficiently plan for my students to use technology to further their learning through activities that are meaningful to them. Rather than being asked to figure out how to use a specific tool in the classroom, we were asked how to implement a certain activity and to use whichever tools we needed in order to help our students to learn a concept through that activity. That freedom has shown me all the different ways that one activity, such as digital storytelling, can be displayed by reading my peers’ submissions. Because I have seen all the different ways for one activity to be used in the classroom, I think I will also be much more open-minded in how my students want to portray their final products. If PowerPoint isn’t working for a student, then they will absolutely be given permission to show what they know through whatever it is that they are comfortable using.  I think most of my modifications to the GAME plan process will come after I begin implementing them. I feel that I gave my students plenty of time to complete the projects that I came up with; however, it’s difficult to tell at this point how much time they will actually need. I look forward to seeing how quickly they can work with an assignment that is really interesting to them.

Language Arts I think is a very easy subject to be able to incorporate problem-based learning, social networking, and digital storytelling. I feel that all of my lessons and units have at least one opportunity or more to integrate the technology tools that can be used with these particular assignments. At this point, I will being making a vested effort to incorporate one of these activities into each of my lessons or units in order to provide my students a meaningful education as well as prepare them for 21st century skills.