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GAME On: Carrying Out My GAME Plan September 19, 2012

As I begin the process of breaking down my GAME plan into smaller chunks, I need to determine the resources and additional information that I need in order to carry out the plan. As I stated in my previous post, I want to be able to improve on assisting and encouraging my students’ creativity as well as constructing and developing digital lessons and activities.

In order to find success in my goals, I will need access to specific information and technology tools. In cultivating creativity among my students, I need to become more familiar and comfortable with technology tools that will allow my students to express themselves via audio, video, and project presentation software. I am familiar with programs such as VoiceThread, iVideo, and powerpoint, but I think that a visit to our school’s technology coordinator would be a great way to learn new types of technology and to also become more accustomed to using the tools I already know.

Constructing and developing digital lessons will also lead me to using our technology coordinator, but I also think that researching this type of planning will also lead me to a variety of ideas from different teachers. Subscribing to blogs is a definite way to stay on top of new ideas and discover how others have implemented their digital lessons into the classroom.

In addition to finding my resources, I also need to determine what my students are capable of with these different technologies and how comfortable they are with learning new tools. In my Resource classes, it is much easier to learn this information because I have about ten students per period. I have also had several of the students before, so I know what they are capable of doing. My Inclusion classes will be more challenging due to the numbers and my unfamiliarity with them. Through class discussions and observations, I think that I will find out any restrictions in due time. Plus, having a co-teacher will absolutely aid in attempting to teach the new technologies that we incorporate. In the first five weeks of school, I have already begun the process of learning what my students are capable of doing. I hope to discover even more as we begin implementing more of these tools.



3 Responses to “GAME On: Carrying Out My GAME Plan”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Emily, including the kids in a discussion about what kinds of tech to use is a great idea. I have actually made a point to do this with some of my very tech savvy students. It has been very helpful. First of all, the kids like to be included. It gives them more ownership over the whole process and the assignment. Second, sometimes, I hate to admit it, they know more than we do about tech. They know what appeals to their classmates and what it likely to hold their interest. In addition to subscribing to blogs, I would also follow education techies on Twitter. This was an assignment for me in one of my other Walden classes, and it was a good idea. If you don;t follow too many people on Twitter, your twitterfeed won’t be too busy. Good luck!

  2. emilypartyka Says:

    Rachel, thanks for the post! I do agree that including them in class discussions gives them more of a sense of ownership. I wish I could say the same about my students being more tech-savvy than I am, but unfortunately, I teach in a low-income school district, and my students do not have all the technical amenities that others do. They know basic programs like power point and searching the internet (not efficiently, though), but some (many) of them still struggle to know what to use to write a paper. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of them not being taught how to find Microsoft Word, or if they honestly just don’t retain information that they think they won’t use again. Hopefully since we’ll be writing several papers this year in English I, they’ll have it down by the time they leave our classroom. I believe this is a skill that they MUST know before graduating from high school, let alone, passing ninth grade.

    I’m not a big Twitter fan, but I may have to take you up on your suggestion in order to discover more of what’s out there for me. Thanks!

  3. sergio fedoroff Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Creating digital lesson sounds wonderfull and it also depends on how many preps you have, if you have more than two subjects it might difficult. Oftentimes, I have to find something that was already created by someone and then modify the lesson according to my needs, otherwise it takes too much time. With respect to having a co teacher, this is a plus, as long as you can agree on what is important and how the instructions will take place. As you mentioned, involving the students in the process is an advantage, howver, I decide most of the things and then leave something for the students as well.


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